Traces of color and signs of time evoke the continuous flow of life

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Le collezioni


Lights and life

La magia della notte

I dialoghi del tempo

Oil on gold

Terre antiche


The artist

Memories and emotions emerge from layers of colours, which, with an original technique, recall the caustic action of time; it is so that Maurizio Paccagnella today creates his large abstract oil paintings on canvas.

Maurizio Paccagnella artista


The traces of a different relationship with time and history appear in Paccagnella in a sort of primitive and 'spontaneous' ready-made that can be found and read as a trace of erratic boulders, of objets trouvés that time takes care of smoothing, like cuttlefish bones in the sea, or to dissolve and abandon just outside or below the level of linguistic signification.

Giandomenico Romanelli
Art historian, former director of the Venice Civic Museums Foundation

We are faced with real simulations, but also within realities that simulate other realities, in paths in which the boundaries of one are continuously lost in the body of the other.

Lucia Majer
Art critic

Maurizio Paccagnella has always tried to be solely himself, the only possible choice for those who, like him, hold a paintbrush for the only possible reason: to say something.

GianAntonio Stella

The flow of time and its memory vibrate in the harmony of a vital system in the very fine evocations of the abstract works by Maurizio Paccagnella ... sedimentation of moments, days, years ... pieces of hollowed out colour that draw emotional networks, spaces and unprecedented rhythms, trying to always go to the root of being.

Silvia Pichi
Curator and art historian

The desire not to represent, thanks above all to the extraordinary use of light, is perceived as an unidentified transcendental presence that penetrates reality to the point of dissolving it.

Matteo Mazzato
Art critic

The unique and original technique, which we could define by addition and subtraction, leads the artist to
deconstruct the colours placed on the canvas, removing the superstructures, to reach the essential. The surface, which appears material to the eye, is perfectly smooth to the touch like glass, like the mirror of the soul.

Alessandra Cusinato
Curator and art historian

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